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From the very first discussions with associations, plant manufacturers and AAC manufacturers at the beginning of this year, it became obvious to us that there was a great need for a trade journal that focuses 100 % on the AAC industry. Such a magazine has never before existed! Furthermore, the international character of this new format is exactly what this industry needs. Nearly all technology, plant and machinery suppliers are active in this industry all over the world and that is why the global concept of AAC WORLDWIDE also hits the nerve of the industry. The new journal you are now holding in your hands opens up completely new information opportunities for you. Make use of this oppotunity and expand your professional network through this platform. AAC WORLDWIDE will always provide you with the latest information. The five sections featured in each issue cover the entire spectrum of the industry – from trends and news from the world’s individual markets to the latest developments in research and science, state-of-the-art in the production of AAC, building material applications and construction solutions and, last but not least, interesting buildings from all over the world – naturally made of AAC. Take this unique opportunity and register for your subscription of AAC WORLDWIDE right now to make sure that you will not miss a single issue from now!

Since May 2018, we received an overwhelming interest from more than 60 countries for our new journal!