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Steel anchor for autoclaved aerated concrete with European Technical Assessment

Autoclaved aerated concrete has excellent thermal insulation properties, which enables building envelopes that meet the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). AAC is a light-weight construction material and therefore quick to process. Special anchors should be used for safe fixings in the anchor substrate due to the AAC´s relatively low compressive strength and its many pores.

The internal thread anchor FPX-I by fischer is particularly well suited for fixings in masonry as well as wall and ceiling panels made of AAC. Its square expansion sleeve ensures safe installation while preventing the anchor from rotating in the drill hole and guaranteeing high tensile and shear loads. This requires fewer fixing points – for an economic and fast installation. As well as a European Technical Assessment, the steel anchor also has an R 120 fire-resistance rating, meaning it can also be used for safety- relevant fixings.

Its application is simple and quick. After creating the drill hole, the anchor is installed through preinsertion and hammered in until it is flush with the top of the AAC. There is no need for a torque key. The internal thread bolt is inserted with a hex driver via a cordless screwdriver or a ratchet, while the cone is pulled into the square expansion sleeve. This leads the four wings to expand, creating an undercut. The AAC compresses at this point. Following the optimum expansion, the hex socket is automatically released from the anchor. This enables fast installation as well as an automatic and optimum setting control. The anchor can immediately carry loads following its installation.

Its metric interior thread enables the use of common screws and threaded rods. This allows the flexible attachment of installation objects of various thicknesses with an anchor substrate upwards of 100 mm in thickness. Approved stand-off installations and suspensions can also be carried out. Numerous different applications can therefore be realised in dry interior spaces, such as the installation of cable runs, ventilation ducts, piping, railings, hand rails, wall units and ceiling suspensions.

The internal thread anchor FPX-I by fischer reaches a particularly high load level, provides certainty in terms of correct installation and is suitable for flexible applications especially in autoclaved aerated concrete.

The anchor quickly and easily expands in four directions using the hexagonal socket. This enables it to carry both tensile and shear loads. Following optimum expansion, the hex socket is automatically released from the anchor.

The anchor is made of zinc-plated steel and is available in the diameters M6, M8, M10 and M12 including the fitting hexagonal wrench. It is suitable for loads of up to 1.20 kN. Overall, fischer’s broad range of AAC anchors covers all fixing jobs and load-bearing capacities between 0.4 kN and 1.4 kN.

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