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Issue 3-2020

Issue 2-2020

Issue 1-2020

Issue 4-2019

Issue 3-2019


AAC worldwide continues to evolve

International Concrete Conference & Exhibition

Trade shows and conferences for the AAC industry in 2019

Positive feedback

The Polish autoclaved aerated concrete industry awaits the first edition of ICCX Central Europe

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11. - 13. Februar 2020

digitalBau 2020 in Cologne, Germany

A Success Story

AAC Roof Panels in Antalya, Turkey

A retrospective

25 years of the Polish Concrete Producers Association

Circular economy in construction

Call for an expert platform for circular materials, products and buildings

Wehrhahn GmbH, 27753 Delmenhorst, Germany

Growing market share for foreign supplier in the Chinese AAC industry

Masa GmbH, 32457 Porta Westfalica, Germany

Great interest in new service features

Issue 2-2019

bauma news

Welcome to bauma 2019!

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Current situation, challenges and pioneer works

Circular economy of autoclaved aerated concrete

The commitment to progressive change

Weathering the storm

Issue 1-2019


It is time for a new EU industrial strategy

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Invitation to the G20 side event of the Dutch Embassy

Delegates of Aircrete Europe meeting with Prime Minister Rutte and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands

AKG Gazbeton, Işıkkent 35070 Izmir Turkey

AKG Gazbeton has won the Commercialization Potential Award from TUSIAD


International participation from 41 countries at the 6th ICAAC in Potsdam

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International Concrete Conference & Exhibition

New network platform for the autoclaved aerated concrete industry

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Will there be a second chance in the future?

The AAC Experience in the U.S.

Development of masonry construction with AAC

Future trends of mass housing in India

Overcoming obstacles and grasping opportunities

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete in North Africa

Initial Issue

Registrations from around the world

Great interest in AAC WORLDWIDE!

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The short story of a long-lasting building material

History of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

ETA certified system

Earthquake-resistant AAC masonry

Developments and trends

AAC concrete in Poland today and tomorrow