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“AAC is a passion“


I've heard this phrase several times over the past few years. With the trade journal AAC Worldwide, we had the good fortune and at the same time the great challenge to launch a completely new media platform for this industry. In many conversations with the veterans of the AAC industry, I heard one sentence over and over again - "AAC is a passion!"


Since I cannot look back on twenty or more years of experience in the AAC industry, these conversations with the "old hands" have always been incredibly valuable for me – and still are! Because it is precisely this many years of experience that allows you to reflect and judge.


Especially in current times, when a mood of crisis prevails in many parts of the world, it is extremely important to have a broad base to sail through the troubled waters as stably as possible. And this is where the older generation, with all their experience, wisdom and foresight, can achieve a lot in partnership with the younger folks, who offer motivation and courage to change. In my opinion it is therefore very beneficial to work in a team that combines the strengths of several generations.


AAC Worldwide also uses this profitable combination to present the broadest possible knowledge platform, because here, too, experienced experts and young creative talent contribute to new and valuable content.


A company, respectively an author who comes from this younger generation has contributed a very interesting article in this issue on pages XX ff. – and here too I would say that the statement "AAC is a passion!" applies fully to the author. After all, different generations working towards the same goal are driven as much by their complimentary talents as they are by their joint vision.


Have fun reading!