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How do innovations come about?


Since the Industrial Revolution, humanity has been undergoing ever faster change. A change that constantly creates new technologies and developments. Due to the rapid increase in the world's population, we are facing major challenges, which then in turn require further change. The construction industry must come to the fore here and offer solutions that are both efficient and sustainable. 

However, changes or modernization (by the industry frequently referred to as innovation) must first prove their worth in the market, which is sometimes obstructed by the many traditionalists and sceptics in our industry. It is usually the more courageous companies that dare to break new ground and risk failure, which makes innovation possible in the first place. And with these innovations then comes further progress, usually to the benefit of the entire industry. 

Especially in times of socio-political and economic uncertainty, the road to new horizons appears to pose unusually large risks and hold fewer promises. So, what to do? Look back? Stop and wait and see what the market competitors do? Certainly not!Without a doubt, it makes sense to pause and reflect for a moment. But then the forward movement needs to continue. 

As a building material manufacturer, you too can contribute to the development and implementation of innovations by addressing your own personal questions to the plant manufacturers and suppliers, or simply to us, the editorial staff of AAC Worldwide. Often, such impulses set in motion a creative problem-finding process that ends in innovation. Consequently, there are numerous paths leading to innovation, waiting for us to embark on. 

Convince yourself of the products, system solutions and yes, also of the innovations that you will see in the coming days, weeks and months at various trade fairs and conferences around the world. 

At Bauma in Munich, you will certainly find what you are looking for, because this is where world-renowned plant manufacturers from the autoclaved aerated concrete industry present their services and industry solutions. The colloquium of the Xella Technologie und Forschungsgesellschaft in October in Berlin will also allow participants to return home with new insights and ideas. A further highlight will be the "AAC Pavilion", which will celebrate its debut as part of the World of Concrete in January 2023 in Las Vegas, USA. The trade journal AAC Worldwide will of course be present at all these events and, in the case of Bauma and the World of Concrete, also with its own exhibition stand. 

This issue will provide further insights and details on all the above-mentioned events. We look forward to meeting you, exchanging ideas with you and talking about new products and innovations. We are committed to continue our journey and are confident that our media platform offers a perfect basis for networking, communication, and innovation in the autoclaved aerated concrete industry. 

Stay loyal to us and recommend us to your colleagues and industry contacts!

Yours sincerely, Michael von Ahlen