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It is therefore important not only to focus on plant technology if one wants to keep their company competitive and fit for the future. Regular investments must also be made in staff development, because in the end it is the people who need to be able to evaluate and critically assess the complex processes in the plant. Associated strategies are not primarily related to salary adjustments, but rather training and continuous education. Going one step further, one can start looking to the future!


All employees of our publishing house recently attended a full-day workshop on the future, during which it became apparent how important it is to continuously develop new strategies in order to retain the ability to react as flexibly as possible to changes in the market. The recent past has shown all of us that sudden interruptions and market developments are the reality and can present many of us with seemingly unsolvable tasks.


On a regular basis, we critically evaluate existing products and develop new ones. Ever so often, good ideas emerge when one pays close attention to the needs and suggestions of their customers. One of these new products and offerings from AAC Worldwide is the AAC Academy!


The first AAC Academy will take place from May 29-31, 2024 in Istanbul. However, we shall not reveal too much at this point, as you are provided with further information on page XX.


We look forward to seeing you – maybe in Istanbul!