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Missing Yogender Varma


Yogender Varma started working with ad-media in 2012. Well experienced in trade show organization and customer acquisition, and also with experience in the publication of trade journals, he was an excellent fit to our family.

He started working for us in India where he established excellent relations to AAC worldwide readers and potential advertisement customers. As country head India he later he extended his work to Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

Everyone in the Indian AAC industry knew and respected Yogender. He was a person of honor and integrity, and at trade shows he ever so often appeared not only with a box of journals, but also with a box of gifts which he distributed to his many friends.

Yogender travelled with us to Russia and Germany. During his trip to Germany last April, after bauma, he visited an Indian temple in Frankfurt. Visiting temples, typically in India, was very important and ritualistic for Yogender and while he had seen countless temples in India, the one in Frankfurt was very special to him. Nobody would believe Yogender’s skills as an artist and painter! Over the years, he had already donated several of his paintings to this particular temple in Frankfurt. And last year, finally, during his trip to Germany he could see his paintings displayed in this temple, which gave him a lot of satisfaction.

Yogender Varma was a very proud and loving father. He worked hard for years to provide his children with the opportunity to study abroad. His son Nikhil finished his degree in the UK and he now works in an excellent position in Bangalore, while his daughter Shraddha is about to finish her studies in Canada very soon. Yogender’s wife Shakuntla frequently joined him at trade shows, and often the presents he gave to his friends at the shows were in fact produced by herself – typical Indian cuisine and sweets.

Nikhil, Shraddha and Shakuntla will miss their beloved father and husband very much. Our thoughts are with them now. Rest in peace, Yogender!

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