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New cooperation with India’s AACPA


India’s AACPA was founded in 2014 and today is headquartered in Surat, a 4.5 million metropolis featuring an important harbour. The city is located about 280 kilometres north of Mumbai, India’s commercial capital. The Association has 19 members from all regions of the country, amongst them some of the most important manufacturers of AAC products.

The IAACPA strongly supports the use of AAC products on India’s construction sites and intends to make AAC the preferred building material in the country. In doing so, the Association is focussing on sustainable industry development which is underlined by the fact that it offers a number of services to its members in the areas of business development and negotiations, commerce, training, marketing and the like.

Now IAACPA has entered into a highly welcome partnership with AAC Worldwide to join in with our other partners, amongst them the relevant counterparts in the United Kingdom, “Aircrete Products Association“, Italy’s “Assobeton“, China’s “CACAJQ“, Europe’s “EAACA“, Russia’s “NAAG“, Indonesia’s “Proberindo“, Poland’s “SBPB“ and Turkey’s “Turkish Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association“. AAC Worldwide is a platform that supports the exchange of know-how in the AAC sector on a worldwide basis, thus contributing its salient share to the development of this industry.


Indian AAC Producers Association (IAACPA)

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