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Occupational safety – a daily challenge


Large quantities of building materials are produced in AAC plants every day using complex and highly automated production systems. While great attention is paid to the efficiency of the machines and the quality of the products, the safety of the employees must also never be neglected. Occupational safety in AAC plants is therefore not an optional extra, but an indispensable element of any responsible business management. It should be considered a duty to ensure that all employees work in an environment that is free of hazards and where they can feel protected. This goes far beyond the issue of compliance.


In many production plants around the globe, it is standard practice to cordon-off security areas around potentially dangerous machinery and equipment – a practice that is however unfortunately not yet adopted universally. In addition to permanently installed (active) safety equipment, the right (passive) personal protective equipment for employees can also minimize the risk of accidents. Cleanliness and order keeping are other important cornerstones of occupational safety.


In all these strategies, the promotion of a culture of workplace safety is crucial. Every employee should be encouraged to identify and report potential hazards. It is equally important to ensure that such reports are taken seriously, and that immediate appropriate action is taken. It is further important to conduct regular safety training to raise awareness among the workforces.


The current edition contains an article on this important topic. In all plants of Xella Deutschland GmbH, the safety of the employees has top priority. Over the years, this corporate philosophy has led to the fact that hardly any accidents (whether small or large) occur. A record to be proud of!


Occupational safety is an investment in the future of a company and its employees. A safe working environment promotes plant productivity and corporate success in the long term.


Building on a century of successful application of AAC as a building material of choice, it would be a desirable goal to prioritize occupational safety even more strongly over the next 100 years, so that every employee works in a safe environment and returns home healthy.

Yours sincerely,

Michael von Ahlen