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Promoting the development of the Indian AAC market with quality services


As a leading supplier of AAC plant solution, Keda Suremaker is dedicated to creating high-quality and efficient AAC plants worldwide. The population and economic growth in India have fueled the continuous and rapid development of the national construction industry, making it one of the hotspots in the global construction market. Keda Suremaker is fully committed to delivering extraordinary products and services to local customers, ensuring an excellent experience for them. Simultaneously, the company places a strong emphasis on technological innovation and research and development investment, constantly improving product performance and production efficiency to meet the evolving and heightened requirements of the Indian market. They work closely with local partners to understand the characteristics and demands of the Indian market and provide customized products and technical support accordingly.


Renaatus success story


Renaatus Procon Private Limited is a part of RPP Group which has established a strong reputaion with Renacon brand in southern India. The RPP Group specializes in road and bridge constrution as wells as commerical and residential building projects, providing building materials such as AAC blocks, gypsum boards, and specialized mortar for AAC block masonry. They have already built two AAC production plants. In 2021, leveraging their well-established sales channels and abundant fly ash raw material resources, Renaatus's Chairman, Mr. Poosappan Selvasundaram planned to construct a new high-standard and fully automated AAC plant in India.

The Renacon AAC Plant in Sipcot, Perndurai, India

When selecting the equipment supplier, the Renaatus team quickly became aware of Keda Suremaker's leading position in the AAC industry in China and was impressed with Keda's concept of providing full lifecycle services. Due to the impact of the pandemic, face-to-face communication was not possible, but the two parties engaged in in-depth technical discussions through means such as video conferences. The Renaatus team remotely toured the production line built by Keda Suremaker for their client, Deli Group in Ningbo, China (which had collaborated with Keda Suremaker on two production lines, with the first line being previously reported in AAC Worldwide in 2019). Keda Suremaker customized a detailed project planning scheme for Renaatus.


The highly automated equipment has significantly enhanced Renaatus' production efficiency

After comprehensive evaluation, Renaatus ultimately chose to collaborate with Keda Suremaker and designed an AAC production plant with a capacity of 1.600 cubic meters per day for fly ash blocks with dimensions of 6 x 1.2 m. This production line incorporates Keda Suremaker's automated control system, including automatic slurry preparation, pouring, curing, cutting, and fully automated control systems for packaging. Compared to their previous production lines, this new plant significantly improves production efficiency, reducing labor costs by two-thirds. Renaatus is confident in this project and looks forward to working with Keda Suremaker to ensure the smooth progress and successful implementation of the project.

The equipment provided by Keda Suremaker is operating efficiently in this project

Through the collaboration with Keda Suremaker, Renaatus will further strengthen its leading position in the AAC industry in India. They will leverage the companies’ advanced technology and extensive experience to provide high-quality and efficient AAC products for the Indian market, promoting sustainable development in the Indian construction industry. Additionally, this partnership will open up broader market prospects for Renaatus and provide strong support for its diversified growth in the Indian construction sector.


During the global pandemic, facing various challenges, the project owner and personnel from Keda Suremaker collaborated closely through remote after-sales services, working together diligently. After 8 months, they successfully progressed the project from the groundbreaking stage to the production and commissioning phase. This journey fully demonstrated the spirit of cooperation and professional capabilities of both parties.


To further strengthen their collaboration, a significant visit took place in July 2023, when Renaatus' senior management and expert team traveled to China for a meaningful exchange visit. This visit not only deepened mutual understanding but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.


During this visit, Renaatus presented a specially customized high-quality supplier appreciation plaque to Keda Suremaker as a token of their appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding performance in the project. They also expressed high recognition and commendation to the sales and technical team members of Keda Suremaker, thanking them for providing efficient services.

The Renaatus team visited Keda Suremaker

During the discussions and interactions, both parties reached a mutual intention for strategic cooperation, especially regarding the development of the AAC market in India. They demonstrated a strong desire and determination to collaborate. Keda Suremaker highly praised the efficient progress and technical cooperation in the project and presented a strategic cooperation honorary medal to acknowledge Renaatus' outstanding performance in the collaboration.

Keda Suremaker presents Renaatus with the Strategic Partner Medal

Keda Suremaker expressed their expectations for further deepening their presence in the AAC market in India and expressed their desire to establish a closer partnership with Renaatus to achieve mutually beneficial goals. Both parties will continue to collaborate closely and explore new opportunities in the Indian AAC market, making positive contributions to the development of the industry.

Renaatus commended engineers from Keda Suremaker for delivering excellent service

During Renaatus' visit to China, Keda Suremaker organized on-site training and exchange sessions to discuss and provide practical demonstrations on topics such as automation system upgrades and on-site production line management. They arranged for Renaatus to interact and share production experiences with Chinese customers, such as HGA, and provided on-site guidance and training on equipment operation and daily maintenance management. In terms of product application, Keda Suremaker arranged interactive exchanges at construction sites, focusing on construction application projects of AAC products in China.


"We have always been committed to promoting exchanges and interactions between the East and the West, actively participating in industry conferences worldwide, including Europe. Now China is the largest producer and user of AAC products in the world. We are eager to share our production, application, and management experiences from China while being equally open to learning and understanding the experiences and knowledge of other countries. Our goal has always been to drive industry development and progress together with our customers. Ultimately, we aim to help our customers build their factories and produce high-quality products. As long as we share this common goal, we are confident in providing our customers with excellent service experiences," said Mr. Chadwick, Managing Director of Keda Suremaker.

Keda Suremaker organized the AAC plant operation and maintenance training and experience sharing sessions on AAC applications in China for the Renaatus team

Brickcem Conmate Private Limited


Last year, Keda Suremaker made a profound impression on Brickcem from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, through online presentations and virtual tours. Through online signing, the two parties reached a cooperation intention. The project is planned with a capacity of 750 cubic meters of AAC blocks per day, with provisions to expand to 1,000 cubic meters per day. Keda Suremaker's technical team provided a planning solution for the production line of fly ash AAC blocks and panels. The specifications of this production line are 4.8 meters x 1.2 meters x 0.6 meters, with potential reserved for future panel production. Unlike traditional production lines in the Indian market, this production line will feature comprehensive automation.


This year, due to the relaxation of the pandemic policies, the Brickcem team visited Keda Suremaker in person for the first time to witness the pre-shipment commissioning of the project equipment. "Currently, the project is in the shipping phase. Based on Renaatus' successful commissioning experience, we believe this project will also be swiftly installed, commissioned, and guided by civil construction expertise. To ensure this, Keda Suremaker will integrate our resources to provide remote and on-site experience sharing and guidance for the installation work," said James Lee, the Overseas Sales Director from Keda Suremaker.

This collaboration holds great significance for Keda Suremaker as it signifies another important breakthrough in the Indian market. Keda Suremaker will continue to work closely with Brickcem Conmate Private Limited to ensure the smooth completion of the project and make greater contributions to India's AAC block and panel market. With the joint efforts and collaboration of both parties, it is believed that this project will bring more innovation and development to India's construction industry.

Brickcem team visit Keda Suremaker

The Indian construction industry is forecast to register an annual average growth of 6.2% from 2023 to 2026, supported by a strong pipeline of infrastructure projects across various sectors. This strong growth is attributed to the favorable base set in 2020, coupled with an improvement in consumer and business confidence amid the progress in the vaccination drive and the implementation of various infrastructure projects:


• The India AAC blocks and non-reinforced panels market is predicted to grow by 11 million cubic meters in the 2020–2027 timeframe, growing from 5,3 million cubic meters in 2019 at a healthy CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 14.3%.

• The key factors driving the market growth are rising urbanization & industrialization across India, growing developments in the infrastructure sector, rising demand for budget-friendly houses, increasing demand for lightweight construction materials, and increasing emphasis on the development of green and soundproof buildings.


Brickcem's co-founders, Mr. George Varghese, Mr. Nimit Rathod and Mr. Barun More are confident about the AAC market in India.


Featherlite Buildcon Private Limited


In recent years, Keda Suremaker has actively deployed its resources in South Asia and established good relationships with clients in the region. Featherlite Buildcon Private Limited is a representative example of such a partnership. As one of the few AAC manufacturers in India that primarily uses sand as the main material, Featherlite has greatly benefited from its collaboration with Keda Suremaker. The precise blocks they produce have gained significant competitiveness in the Indian market. Featherlite's CEO, Mr. Kudip, also sent a congratulatory video during Keda Group's 30th anniversary banquet, expressing high praise for Keda Suremaker.


"Keda Suremaker has provided us with reliable production technology and solutions. We are highly satisfied with the quality of their equipment. More important is that whenever we have any doubts or questions during our production process, the excellent team from Keda Suremaker is always there to help us promptly. They are available almost 24 hours a day, and we greatly appreciate their outstanding technical expertise and service. Today, our product quality ranks among the top in India, and it is largely due to the equipment and service provided by Keda Suremaker that ensures our production. In the future, Featherlite plans to construct a new AAC plant, and Keda Suremaker remains our first choice."


Establishing close cooperation with customers, enhancing customer satisfaction, and meeting the diverse needs of customers worldwide through technological innovation are the relentless goals pursued by Keda Suremaker. It is believed that the valuable experience gained through practice in the Indian market will help the company to provide benefits to more customers.


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