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Efficient marketing must be a priority of the autoclaved aerated concrete industry. For countries in the European Union, the European Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association (EAACA) provides a significant contribution in this regard. However, it is not sufficient for this lobbying work to be exclusively carried out at association level. AAC Worldwide is therefore also doing its part to ensure that the building material AAC lives up to its good name. Every single one of us, i.e., every manufacturer of autoclaved aerated concrete products, must also contribute to improving the popularity of the building material and explaining the technical and practical advantages to the end user. This will be the most effective method to successfully increase the acceptance of AAC in the construction industry and its associated branches.


Autoclaved aerated concrete has the best prerequisites to experience a significant market growth in the future, especially in countries where construction is still mostly done by hand or countries where classic masonry construction prevails.


The trend towards prefabrication has obviously arrived in the global construction industry, which is something that we, as a specialist publisher in the field of prefabricated construction with concrete, have continued to observe. Now, in order to bring the advantages of autoclaved aerated concrete as a building material closer to the attention of planners and users, we have to use every opportunity to communicate with them. In this regard, conferences and trade fairs hold very good potential. In response to the challenges related to the global pandemic, the ICCX - International Concrete Conference & Exhibition, organized by the ad-media publishing house, has now been supplemented with a digital version of the event. The ICCX digital 365. has provided a possibility for networking and exchanging of information since March this year and we are happy to announce that very recently, for the first time ever, in its June 2021 edition, the ICCX digital 365. included a session on the topic of autoclaved aerated concrete.


Visitors can attend the ICCX digital 365. free of charge and all technical conference presentations can be accessed on demand at any time and from anywhere in the world. We also invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to attend the associated digital exhibition and network with the leading manufacturers of equipment for AAC production plants and suppliers of materials and accessories. The next ICCX digital 365. Live Days will take place on 15 & 16 September this year. Register today and make sure to drop in – it is surely worth a visit!