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European Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association

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About SunChemical / Benda-Lutz Skawina

SunChemical’s Benda-Lutz Skawina provide industry leading solutions for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete market. The broad products portfolio offers Aluminium Powder and Pastes for AAC materials which precisely match required density and consistency. From development to delivery, Benda-Lutz makes no compromises when it comes to the quality, safety and environmental friendliness of its own products.


About Hess AAC Systems

It is the philosophy of Hess AAC Systems to deliver a manufacturing system to its customers which is designed to address the specific requirements of their market in terms of capacity and product portfolio. The Hess AAC Systems Keen-Crete systems guarantee this high degree of flexibility in system planning, based on our know-how and experience in the field of cutting systems for tilt-cake and flat-cake processes.


The European Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association was created in 1988 to promote the interests of producers of autoclaved aerated concrete and their national associations across all of Europe. EAACA’s members operate more than 100 production sites in 18 countries producing around 16 million m3 of AAC per year. From this quantity about 350.000 homes can be built.

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